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Be You Navigators Inc.


Be You Navigators Inc.


Be You! Navigators Inc. is an innovative mentoring organization for our youth that focuses on boater education, boater safety, and overall mental wellness while encouraging youth to consider future careers in boating. Be You! Navigators founder and Executive Director, Nashawn Taylor, also known as “Captain QT,” has over 14 years of experience in boating, mentorship, and youth mental health. She is the owner of a very successful boat charting company, Be You!


Captain QT has mentored hundreds of kids over the years through her work with the Prince George's County Police Athletic and Activities League (PAL). Captain QT says, “mentoring children allows me to play a direct role in their personal and academic development. Witnessing their growth and progress is highly rewarding.” She believes being a positive role model and source of guidance can have long-lasting positive effects on young people.


Captain QT has also established a very successful Youth Entrepreneurs Program (YEP) through PAL, which has been featured on NBC and Fox 5 D.C. She runs the program annually and it is described as a “shark tank-style” competition for kids. Her judges consist of successful business leaders from the DMV region and the youth participants participate in a multi-week program cultivating in them presenting their proposed business in a business pitch competition. YEP allows her to share her own life experiences and knowledge, helping children gain insights and perspectives that can be valuable in their own journeys. Captain QT believes, “the YEP experience helps shape the youth participants’ future and success.”


Be You! Navigators Inc. helps children develop skills, overcome challenges, and achieve milestones that can contribute to building their confidence and self-esteem. The Be You! Navigators program provides our youth with the kinds of therapeutic and mental wellness opportunities and experiences that will make a significant difference in their lives.


The Be You! Family

For Captain QT, boating is a family affair. Her three children are a part of the boating industry and involved in her business. Her eldest son, John “Captain Tiger” Taylor, is a certified master captain conducting tours for Be You! Her daughter, Nadia Taylor, is the lead deckhand and is studying to do the same. Her youngest son, Jordan Taylor, is also a Be You! deckhand.


Be You! Navigators and Mental Wellness

Captain QT has over 10 years of experience in mental wellness and crisis situations. She is a hostage negotiator and instructor. She teaches many different aspects of mental health and is very familiar with the many of the mental health warning signs and ways to assist with coping and overcoming mental health challenges. She has had first-hand experience with resolving individuals in crisis as a crisis negotiator, preventing people from hurting themselves and others.


Mental illnesses can cause immense emotional suffering. If left untreated it could lead to destructive, violent, and even suicidal behavior. However, activities and outlets such as boating aim to alleviate or minimize this suffering. During Be You! boat tours the Be You! team discusses the benefits of “Blue Therapy” with clients and how it can have a significant impact on mental health. Being around water can decrease cortisol, the stress hormone, and improve serotonin levels. This effect improves a person’s overall mood, feelings of wellbeing, and happiness. A population with good mental health contributes to overall community well-being. It fosters a more supportive and compassionate society where individuals can thrive and contribute positively.


Be You Navigators Inc. has big focus on the mental health and wellness of youth. Through activities like training in the necessary teamwork between boater roles, boater safety education, and getting a taste of life on the water, Be You! Navigators will provide a healthy and therapeutic environment to assist youth having mental and emotional challenges. Many Be You! clients report that Be You! boat tours are therapeutic. They feel as though the tour assisted them with coping and enabled them to function more effectively. The Be You! team has witnessed many tears of joy and a sense of solace and relaxation among past clients.


Be You! Navigators Wants You

The Be You! Navigators provides unique and innovative mentoring, educational, and wellness experiences not otherwise found in the DMV region. Signup today!

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