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Learn more About Us & Our Story 


My name is Nashawn Taylor, the artist and a certified boat captain by the U.S. Coast Guard. I have over 10 years of boating experience. I am the owner of my charter business, Be You! I created this name because my art represents people expressing themselves. Each one of my glasses has a unique message on the back. I began painting at a young age and truly enjoyed my experiences. Once life took over I had to put my paint brush down.  I began to paint again, only this time I painted about life, people and expression. This time I added the element of boating. 

I truly enjoy expressing the images on glass particularly wine glasses. I also enjoy instructing paint parties, paint yacht parties and participating in vending shows. This is an enjoyable experience. Painting and creating is effortless and can be done by all.  Art is therapeutic, relaxing and can be uplifting for anyone. I have discovered that instructing paint parties are really fun. One thing I find most interesting is the adolescent memories that surface in adults and they love it. There is a sense of freedom with no stress no worries. Paint and yacht charters are a fun and unique way to entertain your guests. They are great for birthdays, girls or guys day out, team building and more! Shop around or book me for your next paint and sip yacht party and just Be You!

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